Remote Tech Support During COVID-19 Pandemic

Everyone using technology at home might need technical support. Earlier this part was mostly taken care of at the workplace. The scale and demand for such support will be on the rise during the COVID-19 situation. techiefriends platform provides a safe and cost-effective remote tech support at this time of need. Services would be useful for the elderly in the old age homes, who need some handholding in using technology, without depending on their loved ones to visit and help them. Services would be useful for students (technical) or computer shop technicians to earn during this difficult period. Such services will be useful too in the high rise buildings where there is a higher concentration of people living. The bottom line is when one cannot go out of the home to protect the larger population, the service should be accessible from home.


Technicians who want to volunteer their services are welcome to join the platform and support communities / senior homes. techiefriends platform usage will not be charged during the COVID-19 crisis